Rilakkuma Lifestyle in LA and Vegas!

Hello, and I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day!

Check out these photos from our trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas!

Our first stop was LA! This was my first time in LA, and we had a lot of fun! This trip was short and sweet to see family I haven’t seen in years (and meet some cousins I’d never met before!!!!), but I really wish I could have stayed for longer!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - Hollywood - BD Bear + Kuma-san

Rilakkumas in Hollywood, ready for their close up!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - Hollywood - Koguma-chan

Koguma-chan joined in on the fun, too! Silver screen ready!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - Urban Light

Rilakkumas at Urban Light! This installation in front of the LA County Museum of Art features 202 restored street lamps from the 1920’s and 30’s!

Unfortunately, didn’t get to check out any of the stores that stock Rilakkuma in LA because this was a short trip just to spend time with family, but next time I have the chance to go and more time, I will definitely make it a Rilakkuma-themed vacation!

It would be great to have an LA Rilakkuma fan meet-up as Melanie suggested in a previous post! I hear there’s even a Rilakkuma cafe there, too! When will Florida get more Rilakkuma??

After LA, we headed off to Las Vegas, my first time there, too!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - the Venetian

Beautiful view at the Venetian! Such amazing art everywhere, felt like I was really in Venice hehehe.

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - Forum Shops Caesars Palace

Peeking through a Roman face at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace! This is actually a chair on the other side :O

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - Bellagio - Conservatory and Botanical Gardens - Japanese Spring - butterfly

Relaxing at the stunning Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens! The current theme is Japanese Spring, making Rilakkuma feel right at home with these breathtaking floral displays!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Los Angeles LA and Las Vegas - Bellagio - Conservatory and Botanical Gardens - Japanese Spring - crane

Whoa there, Mr. Crane! (Don’t worry, the crane is made of flowers and no Rilakkumas were harmed in the making of this photograph!)

Spent most of our days eating all over the Strip, at places such as Bacchanal, Wicked Spoon, Bouchon, Gordon Ramsay Burger, China Poblano, and even the Taco Bell Cantina (the flagship Taco Bell with extended menu). No gambling for these bears!

This was such a unique experience, and I’m really fortunate that I had the chance to visit with my family. Hopefully, see you again soon, LA and Vegas ;)

What would your ideal Rilakkuma vacation look like? I’d want to eat at all the Rilakkuma cafes, there are so many open in Japan right now!

Dino Brown + Blue Hoodie Ryan + Rilakkuma Lifestyle explores Seoul, South Korea!

I graduated, and now I’m officially an MD! Feeling so relieved, and now I have a whole month to relax before starting my intern year!

So after our vacation in Hawaii, we made a quick stop in Seoul, South Korea!

Didn’t snap any Rilakkuma photos in Seoul, but we did get to meet some other cute bears!! Well, one is a lion without a mane, but still hehe.

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - LINE Friends Store and Cafe - Myeongdong 명동

First stop: the LINE Friends Flagship Store and Cafe in Myeongdong! Quick pose with mega Brown and Sally!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - LINE Friends Cafe - Garosugil 가로수 길

Yummy Brown-themed lemon roll cake from the LINE Friends Flagship Store and Cafe in Garosu-gil! This LINE Friends Store had an entire floor just for photo zones!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - LINE Friends Cafe - Garosugil 가로수 길 - Dino Brown

Picked up a super cute Dino Brown from the Jungle Brown Line! He is so fluffy and soft in his green dinosaur suit! My favorite detail is that his footprints kind of look like three-eyed smiley faces hehe. Hope he enjoys being with all the Rilakkumas here ;)

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - KAKAO Friends Store - Dongdaemun 동대문

Relaxing with Ryan the lion, at the KAKAO Friends Store in Dongdaemun Design Plaza!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - KAKAO Friends Store and Cafe - Hongdae 홍대

Tasted a delicious Ryan macaron and picked up a blue hoodie Ryan plush from the KAKAO Friends Store and Cafe in Hongdae!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - SKINFOOD Concept Store - Garosugil - 가로수 길

We also visited the SKINFOOD Concept Store in Garosu-gil, where they had a wonderful cafe and rooftop garden! I got a tasty chocolate latte (hot chocolate) with a super cute marshmallow bear! I am not sure what this yummy marshmallow bear has to do with the SKINFOOD brand (cosmetics, skincare, etc.), but it was a very cute cafe!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Seoul - SKINFOOD Concept Store - Garosugil - 가로수 길

SKINFOOD marshmallow bear melting into the hot chocolate!

We were staying in the Hongdae area, and we actually ran into a store that sold authentic San-X Rilakkuma plush and goods! They even stocked rare, limited edition items like the pizzaiolo Rilakkuma from the Umeda 7th Anniversary Series! Unfortunately, they were WAY expensive, but it was good anyway to see a familiar bear’s face in Korea hehehe.

Overall, I had an amazing time in Seoul eating, shopping, sightseeing, exploring, and of course, spending time with my classmates before we graduate and move onto the next chapters in our lives!

Next stop, Los Angeles, CA!

Have you been to any character cafes before? I wish there were some here in Florida!!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle relaxes in Hawaii!

Hello, I hope everyone is staying cool during this hot, hot summer!

I will be graduating from medical school this Friday (finally!), and I just got back from an amazing vacation since classes have concluded! I will be sharing my Rilakkuma photos with you over the next several days.

First stop was Honolulu, Hawaii!

This was our first time in Hawaii, so of course we had to bring Shady (Aloha Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Plush) to make his first pilgrimage to Hawaii!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Waikiki Beach

First stop: Waikiki Beach! We were super lucky to find a nice secluded area without many other people—what a great opportunity for these bears to relax!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Waikiki Aquarium

To cool down, we visited the Waikiki Aquarium! Lots of amazing marine life, and Rilakkuma got to meet some cute jellyfish!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Diamond Head Trail

Hiked to the top of Diamond Head Summit Trail! Beautiful weather, scenic hike, and spectacular view of Honolulu at the summit!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Dole Pineapple Plantation Experience

Rilakkuma got to meet some interesting-looking pineapple species over at the Dole Pineapple Plantation! Have you ever seen a pineapple like this?

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail

Another breathtaking hike on the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail! A peaceful view of the southeast corner of Oahu.

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Hakubundo

Of course, had to visit Hakubundo to check out their Rilakkuma goods! The Ward Center location had only a few Rilakkuma products (some coloring books), while the Ward Warehouse location stocked lots of Rilakkuma plush and stationary! Ended up picking up a Korilakkuma Strawberry folder and a Rilakkuma Bakery notebook.

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Koko Crater Trail

Our last hike at Koko Crater Summit was definitely the most difficult! We climbed a strenuous 1,048 stairs for this 360° view!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Ono Seafood - Poke

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was the food! We ate poke everyday, and probably could’ve kept eating it everyday without getting tired of it haha. Could’ve made this entire photo album about our poke marathon alone, but here are just a few select highlights: this photo was taken at one of our favorite spots, Ono Seafood!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Paina Cafe - Poke

Rilakkuma visited the purported home of the original poke bowl: Paina Cafe!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Maguro Brothers - Poke

The fresh fish was excellent! Poke close-up from another one of our favorites, from Maguro Brothers!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle in Hawaii - Marukame Udon

Finally, a hearty bowl of well-deserved udon from Marukame Udon for this hiked-out Rilakkuma!

We had an incredible time in Honolulu!

The Aloha Rilakkuma Series from 2013 is one of my favorite lines, and looking back, I think the Rilakkuma designs were very representative of our experience in Hawaii!

I’m not much of traveler, but this trip really made me want to travel more often! I hope I get the chance to visit the other Hawaiian islands in the future!

Next set will be photos from Seoul, South Korea!

What are your favorite vacation destinations? Anywhere you would recommend for Rilakkuma to visit next?

Maybe I can take Baguette Bear (Bonjour Series Caravan Plush) to Paris one day hehehe. Stay cool out there!

American West Rilakkuma Plushes! + Independence Day weekend issue!

Howdy! Time to introduce the American West Rilakkuma team!

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - full

Welcome to the wild wild (Rilakkuma) west!

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - Rilakkuma holster and dango detail

Great details on Rilakkuma: dango in hand and in holster, with a shiny gold star and bear belt buckle detail. Rilakkuma also has a bright red bandana around his neck.

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - Korilakkuma snake detail

Sharp shootin’ Korilakkuma wrangled a snake! She also sports a pink bandana.

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - Kiiroitori lasso detail

Kiiroitori has a leather lasso that he holds on his left and throws with his right! His bandana is turquoise blue.

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - hat detail

Each plush has a hat with a gold bear motif around a brown belt.

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - back cactus motif detail

And of course, their design motif is hiding around here somewhere: it’s a cactus on their tails!

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - tag art

Tag art: the cactus motif continues on their tags, where each cactus is outlined with a different color representing each different character: yellow for Rilakkuma, pink for Korilakkuma, and blue for Kiiroitori.

Kichijoji 5th Anniversary - American West - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - 吉祥寺店5周年記念 アニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - アメリカ西部 - 世界のリラックマ - meeting NYC Rilakkuma

They had to meet their fellow American Rilakkuma from NYC!

These patriotic mini-plushes were released in October 2015 as part of the Kichijoji Rilakkuma Store’s 5th Anniversary celebration, but I thought it was appropriate to write about for this weekend as the United States celebrates its Independence Day on July 4!

Like always, I enjoy the wonderful details such as Rilakkuma’s dango holster, and the cactus, bear and star motifs – really an excellent and cohesive set!

Gosh, TONS of things going on in the Rilakkuma-verse recently!

This weekend is the Anime Expo, and the Rilakkuma booth is presenting in full cuteness! JapanLA Clothing will be debuting their new Rilakkuma clothing line, and it’s alphabet themed!

Anime Expo 2016 - Rilakkuma booth

Check out the Rilakkuma booth at #4405, and follow the official Rilakkuma US instagram for more Anime Expo photos throughout the weekend!

Anime Expos 2016 - JapanLA Alphabet line

Sneak peek of the new Rilakkuma print and clothing line from JapanLA! Check out more of their items, including the white version, over at JapanLA’s Facebook page!

I really want one of the black tank tops! This line will be premiering at the Rilakkuma booth (#4405) at the Anime Expo starting today, and will be available online at after the show!

Anyone going to be there this weekend? I’ve always wanted to go, but it’s just so far away! Can’t wait for when they expand out here and hold events in the southeastern United States one day!

Now for Rilakkuma news across the Pacific: the Teahouse (茶屋) Series is coming out this month!

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - standard

They’ve been transformed into yummy, fluffy dango! Standard plushes: 2200円 each. Hanging plush: 650円 each.

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - リラックマ茶屋のリラックマストア&キデイランド限定商品 - Rilakkuma Store and Kiddyland exclusive

Rilakkuma Store and Kiddyland exclusive! 2200円 each.

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - リラックマ茶屋のリラックマストア&キデイランド限定商品 - Rilakkuma teahouse

And Rilakkuma gets his very own teahouse set too! 4500円.

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - リラックマ茶屋×だがし屋すみっコ コラボ限定商品 - Sumikko Gurashi Shirokuma collaboration

Wow, it’s a collaboration plush set with Shirokuma from Sumikko Gurashi! 3500円.

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - リラックマキャラバン限定商品 あつめてぬいぐるみ - Caravan exclusive

Caravan exclusive design features Rilakkuma eating some dango – does he have a toothache? 1700円.

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - リラックマストア限定 - Store Exclusive

The Rilakkuma Store Exclusive designs have Rilakkuma and friends in gowns with dango details! 2200円 each.

Teahouse Series - リラックマ茶屋 ぬいぐるみ - リラックマストア限定 - bento box playset

A tidy bento box playset with the whole team! 5000円.

In Japanese tradition, these teahouses (茶屋) are free-standing structures built exclusively for tea ceremonies. They have a deep architectural history stemming from the start of the Edo period, and there are many famous teahouses across Japan. I think this a great part of Japanese history and culture, and I love that it is incorporated into this summer’s Rilakkuma designs!

Lots of great items! I will be trying my hand at getting the bento box, to match my Oden and Osechi set! I like the dango-shaped Rilakkuma plush, too. What about you? Anything catching your eye?

Next up in Rilakkuma’s World Tour is Mexico and Hawaii for Kamiotai’s 1st and Harajuku’s 4th anniversary, respectively!

Harajuku 4th Anniversary - 原宿店4周年記念 - cover

Beautiful beach bums enjoying the Hawaiian sun this summer with the local fauna! 1580円 each.

The Harajuku Rilakkuma Store’s 4th Anniversary celebration starts tomorrow, July 2! The Hawaiian imagery they use is always very beautiful, but Rilakkuma and friends have visited Hawaii before in their Aloha Rilakkuma Series back in 2013 – I suppose it was a good enough vacation back then that they revisited again this year haha.

Kamiotai 1st Anniversary - 上小田井店1周年記念 - cover

Feeling festive with maracas! 1580円 each.

The Kamiotai Rilakkuma Store will be celebrating its 1st anniversary next weekend (July 9), and the theme is Mexico! And I love a poncho-clad Rilakkuma plush haha. Seems like they enjoy traveling in the Americas! They picked some great places to visit to enjoy the summer sun!

Also, a new smartphone app for the virtual Rilakkuma collector: Collect! Rilakkuma (Atsumete! Rilakkuma – あつめて!リラックマ) is out now!

Collect! Rilakkuma - cover 1

What better app idea than collecting virtual Rilakkumas?

Collect! Rilakkuma - cover 2

Whoa! That screenshot on the left looks about as stuffed full of Rilakkumas as the shelf in my apartment hahaha

You can download it now on the App Store or Google Play store! I’ll try to download it soon and figure it out with my extremely limited grasp of Japanese haha. Anyone tried this out yet? Looks very cute, and seems a lot like the cat collecting app (Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector) that has been super popular!

Finally, have you checked out Canon Asia’s collaboration with Rilakkuma?

Gosh, isn’t that the most adorable promotional video? Canon Asian has a great contest on Instagram right now for Asian Rilakkuma and photography fans – you can win a Canon EOS M10 kit and a limited edition Canon EOS M10 Rilakkuma plush just by posting your Rilakkuma photos based on their challenge themes – “food” and “chillout” are the themes going on right now!

I think this has motivated a lot of folks to take some very creative Rilakkuma pictures! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s Rilakkuma photos recently on Instagram, and it’s inspired me to take more time again taking Rilakkuma photos like I used to!

Stay cool, and have a wonderful summer!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Poolside

I’ll be having cocktails by the pool – red, white, and blue themed for Independence Day!

How Rilakkuma Stole Christmas!

Howdy – hope everyone is enjoying December so far!

Check out this holiday Rilakkuma artwork created by my favorite resident Rilakkuma artist, Simon!

How Rilakkuma Stole Christmas

Rilakkuma as the Grinch, Korilakkuma as Cindy Lou Who, and Kiiroitori as the star!

This is based on a famous scene from the 1966 TV special How The Grinch Stole Christmas where Cindy Lou Who catches the Grinch stealing the star from the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

Here’s the famous scene, for your reference:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - gif

I prefer cute Rilakkuma hehehe

Hope you enjoyed this art project! In other Rilakkuma news, there’s always so many cute releases in the wintertime – here’s just a quick run through of a few that caught my eye!

Mister Donut x Rilakkuma Winter 2015: I absolutely love when Rilakkuma collaborates with Mister Donut, and this season is no exception! This year, the special items are a choice of 2 plates or a donut tree – wow, I think both of those are really great! Even though I’ve only had Mr. Donut food once in my life, I feel a really strong connection to this collaboration, it’s just too adorable!

Mister Donut x Rilakkuma Winter 2015 - cover

Whoa, that donut display tree makes me really wish I baked enough to display my food like that!

Year of the Monkey 2016: In preparation for the next zodiac cycle, this week, San-X welcomed the Rilakkuma Year of the Monkey plushies! Wow, these are super cute – I wish they would make a playset again like they did for the 2014 Year of the Horse release, I would get it in a heartbeat!

Rilakkuma Year of the Monkey 2016 - cover

Rilakkuma and pals dressed as monkeys, holding wind-up monkeys and bananas! They even have little pink rumps hahaha. 1,900円 each.

New Years 2016 Playset: Um WOW I’m really blown away by the incredible detail in this piece! The content reminds me a lot of the Nabe (鍋) set from last year in terms of the detailing and individual ingredients, and the cover design is so similar to the Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary plush!

This design has Rilakkuma and pals as part of an osechi (御節料理), a traditional Japanese food to celebrate the new year! Each dish has a special meaning, such as the red sea bream Rilakkuma is holding, which represents an auspicious event. I really want to get this set – I just can’t take my eyes off this jaw-dropping level of detail and design!

New Years 2016 Playset - cover

A beautiful boxed set featuring 15 individual plush components! 10,000円 for the whole set.

Christmas 2015: This year’s Christmas theme is poinsettias, and the title is “Shining Christmas Rilakkuma” – how beautiful! They join the Christmas 2015 Net Shop Exclusive stuffed set, which is themed as a cozy Christmas house. These wonderful designs were already released in early November, but since it’s the season, I thought they deserved the feature! One of the most elegant Christmas designs I’ve seen!

Christmas 2015 - standard

Beautiful poinsettia stoles for the standard release: 1,900円 each

Christmas 2015 - Rilakkuma Store exclusive

The Rilakkuma Store exclusive playset features a Rilakkuma Santa team in their sleigh! Looks like the deer from last year’s Happy Natural time series are back again, hehehe. 12,000円 for the set.

Christmas 2015 - snowbears

Super adorable Rilakkuma snowbears with poinsettia details! 1,480円 each.

Christmas 2015 - headband

And finally, one really cute addition to the lineup: a Rilakkuma Santa-themed headband! 1,850円 each.

What do you think? Any of these designs catching your eye? Personally, I’m super impressed this year!

In other news, I’m finishing up another rotation (obstetrics and gynecology) in two weeks – wow, time is really flying fast!

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma Plushie!

Summer means strawberries, so say hello to our new Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma!

Stawberry Bag Rilakkuma - full

Sleepy Rilakkuma in the summer sun!

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma - flower detail

A beautiful strawberry blossom on his ear!

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma - tag art

Rilakkuma and pals enjoying some delicious (and gigantic) strawberries on the tag!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma joins a long tradition of strawberry-themed bears in the collection!

Wow, super cute! He looks super snug in his strawberry sleeping bag – pretty perfect theme for a summer nap! This sleepyhead is part of the Fansclub’s Strawberry Bag Series, released in January 2014.

This super adorable strawbear bag was a prize from Mira Plush’s I Love Rilakkuma contest! For this contest, participants held up a sign that said “I love Rilakkuma” to be entered in a drawing – awesome idea! Check out the video of all the submissions here (Simon and I are around 0:43)!

Mira Plush "I Love Rilakkuma" Contest - submission

We do love Rilakkuma! (Simon loves Rilakkuma so much, he’s smiling as hard as he can!)

Follow Mira Plush’s WordPress blog and Facebook page to learn more about their future contests! And of course, be sure to browse through Mira Plush’s online store to get this bear and many more (on sale since it’s Mira Plush’s anniversary!). Thanks so much for your continued involvement with the Rilakkuma community and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Mira Plush!

In other news, not much happening on the Rilakkuma news front as we await the Space Rilakkuma series, though the San-X Net Shop posted these really cute photos of Rilakkuma golf ball holders as inspiration for Father’s Day (June 15):

Rilakkuma Golf Ball Holders - front

Uncovered golf ball says, “Where did the others go?”

Rilakkuma Golf Ball Holders - bottom

“We’re hiding in here!”

Teehee, they’re so cute and round! If I played golf, I’d totally invest in these! They feature standard (naked) Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, as well as Bee Rilakkuma and Bunny Suit Korilakkuma!

I’m so happy to be done with school for the summer! Hopefully, this means more time for Rilakkuma things while I have the free time. Finally being able to relax like Rilakkuma is an incredible feeling!

Happy birthday to my first Rilakkuma plushie!

It’s been two years since I received my first Rilakkuma plushie (named BD Bear) as a college graduation gift from my family!

BD Bear's 2nd Birthday - full

Happy 2nd birthday, BD bear!

Wow, it’s so wild to think that for the first few months of receiving him, he was the only Rilakkuma plushie in my life! Incredible how things have changed since then!

It’s also Mother’s Day here, so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the amazing moms out there!!

Just a quick post from me for now, and still lots more plushies for me to Rilakkumas for me to post about, but it’s back to studying for me! 2 weeks until I’m completely done with my first year of medical school!