Flower Bouquet Korilakkuma!

Wow, it’s getting warmer here and finally feeling like spring!

On that note, check out this cute Flower Bouquet Korilakkuma!

Flower Bouquet Korilakkuma - full

Perfect for springtime!

Flower Bouquet Korilakkuma - flower detail

What a beautiful bouquet!

Flower Bouquet Korilakkuma - tag art

Tag art! Wow, this was back when Green Camel was all over Rilakkuma goods!

Adorable! And really so fitting for the season! She was really quite perfect for Valentine’s Day this past weekend!

This elegant plushie was released by Fansclub back in 2006 – wow, what a long time ago! What’s so special about this plushies is that the inside of the tag even has a little color chart of what the flower colors represent: since this bouquet is orange, this Korilakkuma represents cheerfulness – hooray! Pretty accurate, I think – receiving this Korilakkuma certainly made me cheerful!

Endless thanks again to Trinie, who so kindly sent this cheerful springtime Korilakkuma – she’s so pretty and a perfect fit! <3

In other news, the Rilakkuma world has been abuzz with great new things too!

Check out the new Lawson x Rilakkuma collaboration: the Vegetable Series!

Vegetable Series - Rilakkuma

Carrot and Cabbage Rilakkuma!

Vegetable Series - Korilakkuma

Tomato and Eggplant Korilakkuma!

Vegetable Series - Kiiroitori

Onion and Green Pepper Kiiroitori!

I love these! When have I disliked a Rilakkuma food theme though, hahaha. The little crates are so cute, and I do like how each of them have other veggies in their crates too (though I think tomatoes are technically fruits? hahahaha).

The whole set of 6 is 9135円 (tax included) online, but I believe Lawson stores will be selling them individually at 1450円 (tax not included), too, starting March 14. I might try to get my hands on 3 of them (1 of each), maybe the carrot, eggplant, & onion, but haven’t been able to decide yet – what do you all think? I really love this set a ton!

Lawson is also releasing a bunch more goods like nap cushions, phone cases, and bags that go along with the newest Stripes Stripes Everyday Series too, but I think the veggies are really the ones I’m personally looking out for!

And hey, Kiiroitori is getting a special set all for itself this spring, too!

Kiiroitori Set - banner

So many Kii’s!

Kiiroitori Set - set

And a bunch more!

Even though I’m a Rilakkuma fan through and through, I love that Kiiroitori is getting some solo time!

The plushie and set are expected to come out sometime in mid-April, and they will also be releasing some housewares as lottery prizes at Lawson at the end of March – how special!

I do love the motif of Kiiroitori wearing the Rilakkuma ears hahaha it reminds me a lot of the Kiiroitori from the I Love Rilakkuma Series from 2011 – and it looks like they’re still continuing the 10th anniversary theme with Kiiroitori’s coins! Speaking of which…

Attentive reader Jennifer noticed a super-cute Sumikko Gurashi x Rilakkuma crossover in one of the latest San-X Fan Club books!

Sumikko Gurashi x Rilakkuma - 10th Anniversary

Shirokuma as Rilakkuma, Neko and Tonkatsu as Korilakkuma, & hahahaha Penguin as Kiiroitori!

Wow, how amazing is that! Two of my favorite series, celebrating together :D Great find, Jennifer!

Last but not least, check out this great footage of the Yamanote Line x Rilakkuma model train!

Wow, it looks so realistic, and it’s 1/150 of the actual size – incredible!

This cute model train set is made by Kato Models, and celebrates the Yamanote Line x Rilakkuma collab from back in the summer of 2013! The 11 car set is a cool 30,450円  and the 3 car set is 12,600円 (tax included), but it’s certainly worth it for a model train enthusiast with an eye for stunning detail and Rilakkuma :D

Anyway, I’m so glad to be done with exams for now! It’s so nice to be back and active in the Rilakkuma world, especially since the weather is getting sunnier and sunnier :) I thought the exam went well, but grades haven’t come out yet, so we’ll just have to see! Now onto the next module of immunology and microbiology :O

Would love to hear what you think about the many new developments in the Rilakkuma world recently! I hope everyone’s local weather is warming up, too!

ETA (2/19): The Fukuoka 4th Anniversary Plushies have been announced!

Fukuoka PARCO 4th Anniversary - announcement

I didn’t even know they went to school…

Looks like they’re graduation themed, and they’ll be available at Rilakkuma Stores everywhere on March 15 for 1,300円 each. What a cute surprise! I really love the cherry blossom petal motif on their tails as well as the border on the ad hahaha

New! Stripes Stripes Everyday Series!

Quick break to announce a great new series: Stripes Stripes Everyday (しましまエブリデイ) Series!

Stripes Stripes Everyday

“Stripes with your days”

Stripes Stripes Everyday - standard

Penguins for the standard release! (Except Kiiroitori?)

Stripes Stripes Everyday - hugging pillow

A polar bear hugging pillow!

Stripes Stripes Everyday - Rilakkuma Store Exclusive

Rilakkuma Store Exclusive! (So now Kii gets to be a blue penguin!)

Super cute! Definitely one of Rilakkuma’s most huggable series yet! Not super sure what stripes have to do with penguins and polar bears, like I’m surprised that their standard release plushies have no stripes at all hahaha, but I love it so far!

I think this series has such a cute color scheme and theme! The standard S plushies are each 1,780円, and the polar bear hugging pillow is 3,800円. They also have a lot of other super cute merchandise in this line as well, such as bicycle seat covers and umbrella cases!

As for the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive line, they will be available March 8 for 2000円 each! There will also be special Rilakkuma Store Exclusive bags available in this release, as well. I think they’ll be stocking some of the Rilakkuma version at the San-X Net Shop, too!

It’ll be really exciting to see how this series develops – caravan, anyone?

I think I’ll be ordering a Rilakkuma from the standard release (the blue penguin)! Since this release was leaked, I’ve been waiting for this series to appear so I could make a big Net Shop order :D

Off to study again! Let me know what your thoughts are on the new Rilakkuma Stripes Stripes Everyday Series in the comments!

Happy Lunar New Year from Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

Lunar New Year 2014 - Year of the Horse

Happy Year of the Horse!

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year!

I had the honor of ringing in this lunar new year with a lot of fantastically cute new Rilakkumas – posts on them coming up soon! Our module is wrapping up so things are getting busier and busier, but I can’t wait to share these incredible new bears with everyone!

Simon’s family has a tradition of setting a fish out on the dining table during lunar new year for good fortune to symbolize promise for a continual bountiful feast – but it’s just the thought that counts (you can even just put a photo of a fish out), so we just put out a fish Rilakkuma plushie haha:

Lunar New Year 2014 - fish on table

Close enough!

Have a wonderful year of the horse!

新年快乐! 祝大家恭喜发财,心想事成!

Tokyo Station 5th Anniversary Announcement!

Super quick update before my anatomy dissection lab starts: Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Plushie designs have been announced!

Tokyo Station 5th Anniversary - Annoucement

Wow, look at that Korilakkuma holding those tiny Korilakkumas!

Wow, so many! And so cute!

The first row of plushies are Hinamatsuri (雛祭り – Doll’s Day/Girl’s Day) themed. Looks like Korilakkuma is holding her own Korilakkuma dolls, Rilakkuma is holding some bear-shaped hishi mochi (菱餅), and Kiiroitori has his own plate of arare (あられ) all for Doll’s Day! They are 1300 円 each, and will be released on February 14 (Valentine’s Day)! Last year, San-X released special Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma dolls for Hinamatsuri!

The 2nd row shows a special plushie that features a Marunouchi (丸の内 – a commercial district of Tokyo) design! Super adorable – I love a Rilakkuma with a camera – and they’ll come in a bunch of different sizes, from keychain, to standard S (22 cm – collectible size), to M (like my first Rilakkuma), and will be 1480 円, 2000 円, and 3500 円, respectively. The M size will only be sold at the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store! They will also be released on February 14.

What do you all think?

Rilakkumarket & New Sumikko Gurashi Line!

No Rilakkuma plushies in this update, but check out the new Rilakkumarket line to be released in February!

Rilakkumarket - logo

Hey, with the shopping cart, it looks a little like the Lawson x Aloha Rilakkuma collab plushie!

Rilakkumarket - pencil pouches

Pencil pouches shaped like cartons! Love the cute Rilakkuma riff on Starbucks haha

Rilakkumarket - pencil sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners that look like soda bottles!

Pretty cool! I love how innovative this line is, and I really hope to see these actual Rilakkuma food/drink products on the market someday! I would definitely love to sip a bottle of Rilakkuma cola by the pool hahaha

A little known fact about this blog is that my most popular post is the one on Sumikko Gurashi/Tonkatsu that I made over a year ago! I know this isn’t a Sumikko Gurashi blog, but I do think it’s a great San-X series!

Sumikko Gurashi has a new line where the characters are taking a walk wearing some new stylish gear also coming out in February, check it out!

Sumikko Gurashi Walk - logo

I think my favorite is Nisetsumuri and the backpack around its (fake) shell haha. Is Penguin reading a book on… pickles?

Sumikko Gurashi Walk - Plushies

Some new faces!

Sumikko Gurashi Walk - playset

A Sumikko Gurashi playset! Spot the Tapioca in the tree!

I haven’t been following Sumikko Gurashi that closely since I made that first post over a year ago, but there are a few characters I haven’t seen before!

  • Suzume (すずめ): a brown sparrow
  • Ebi furai no shippo (えびふらいのしっぽ): the tail of a fried shrimp (えびふらい, ebi furai). Ha! He makes good company with the other discarded foods, Tapioca and Tonkatsu.
  • Tokage (とかげ): a blue lizard – hey, looks a little like Quagsire, right?

Adorable! Looks like a really Penguin-centric release haha. It’s so interesting to see how much longevity Sumikko Gurashi’s had with San-X – I love that this line’s been developed because I know a lot of the newer character lines tend to stagnate. Glad to see Sumikko Gurashi’s success progress – they’re even the featured background on the main San-X page right now for the new year!

Well in other news, I’ve just finished my first week of school in 2014, and it went by without a hitch! Hopefully the rest of the year will be just like this too!

Royal Rilakkuma Art, A Winter Hearts Discovery, & Holiday Wrap-Up!

Hey, check out this Rilakkuma art created by Simon!

Rilakkuma Art - Royal BD Bear

How regal!

Wah super cute, I can’t believe it! Thanks for sending this in, Simon! (First of many more to come, I hope!)

This piece of art is inspired by the Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary Sofa Throne Series and Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of Ice-T – ha!

My (M Classic) Rilakkuma plushie sat in as a model for this portrait – he looks a lot like my Fansclub Royal Rilakkuma plushie, too! Super handsome :)

In plushie news, has anyone ordered the Winter Hearts Series? Diligent reader Jennifer noticed that the fur on these plushies is slightly longer and fluffier than that the regular plushies – a happy medium between the regular plushies and the My Only series!

Winter Hearts fur - full

Jennifer’s snuggly Winter Hearts Rilakkuma plushie (right) compared against a super cute Bonjour Series Caravan plushie (left)!

Winter Hearts fur - face

See the difference in the face?

Winter Hearts fur - feet

Super noticeable difference in the feet!

Incredible discovery! Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer!

I wonder if they’ll be using more of this texture in the future? Maybe they’re testing out this new fur on the market to see how people like it. It’ll be exciting to see!

Also, I’m sure the shaggier fur keeps them nice and warm during this cold winter!

In other news: for Christmas, my mom turned one of my Rilakkuma Lifestyle photos into a blanket!

BD Blanket - 1


Wow! I think the colors turned out really well – this is definitely one of my favorite photos :) This photo really doesn’t do justice to the massive scale of this blanket – it’s even bigger than my queen-size bed!

I’m so thankful and fortunate to have a family that is so appreciative of Rilakkuma!

This came at a great time because we’re feeling the polar vortex a little even here all the way down in Florida, so it’s nice to have a warm Rilakkuma blanket to snuggle up to!

I hope everyone is surviving the cold!

Year of the Horse 2014 Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Plushie!

Happy 2014 everyone!

I’m so proud to have this plushie in my collection! It’s the Year of the Horse 2014 Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Plushie!

Year of the Horse - full

Happy New Year, Rilakkuma!

Year of the Horse - back saddle

Back of the saddle says “Rilakkuma” while the front says “2014”!

Year of the Horse - Rilakkuma detail

Rilakkuma can be removed from the hole, too!

Year of the Horse - horse detail

Horse face! Though its snout kinda looks like a face in itself.

Year of the Horse - tag detail

Tag Art! Looks just like the plushie!

Year of the Horse - bag

Haha a little belated, but this is the Rilakkuma Store bag – Heartful Happy Christmas! So beautiful and detailed! I love the bear ornaments :)

This plushie is the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive plushie for the Year of the Horse 2014 Series, and was released December 7th, 2013.

As I mentioned before, I was born in the year of the horse, so this plushie is extra special to me! They were so perfect to have on display during my family’s new year celebration :) What’s wonderful too is that they get another special celebration later this month for lunar new year, too!

Wow, I can’t believe another year has passed already! So many wonderful Rilakkuma-related things have happened in the past year, from visiting Japan (and a real Rilakkuma Store!) for the first time, to attaining my dream Rilakkuma plushie, 2013 was a rollercoaster of great Rilakkuma things!

Here’s to another year living a Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

Royal Rilakkuma Plushie! + Winter Updates

Christmas came early this year!

Hello Royal Rilakkuma!

Royal Rilakkuma - full

Lookin’ regal!

Royal Rilakkuma - crown

A fluffy Rilakkuma crown!

Royal Rilakkuma - dango detail

Dango fit for a king!

Royal Rilakkuma - keychains

Also two super adorable Rilakkuma keychains and a bookmark (for all my med school textbooks hahaha).

Wow! This set really shows a diverse representation of Rilakkuma over the years! This regal Rilakkuma is a Fanclub UFO plushie from their 10th anniversary series released in August 2013! The bookmark shows the classic Rilakkuma design, while the keychain features Rilakkuma from the 2011 Rilakkuma Meets Honey Series! The relaxing Rilakkuma plush keychain is also a Fansclub Rilakkuma plush from their Happy Picnic release from March 2013 – doesn’t he look a lot like the Happy Picnic Caravan plushie from 2012? Hehehe he’s so cute and relaxed!

This beautiful set came from the super generous Jennifer! Thanks so much again and again for all of your support, your generosity really cheers me up when times get tough, and your warm wishes always brighten my day!

What else is new in the Rilakkuma world?

Rose Series - set

Oh, how pastoral!

Rose Series - individual plushies

Like an early Valentine’s set!

Rose Series

This release really took me by surprise!

San-X will be opening a temporary Rilakkuma Store in Nagoya as a special event from December 26 to January 6 where they’ll be selling plushies and other merchandise from the new Rose Series! After the event is over, the other 8 Rilakkuma Stores will be selling these plushies on January 11.

The set with all three (top) will be 5,000円, and the individual plushies will be 1,780円 each.

How special! The temporary store set-up is pretty interesting, and I don’t recall San-X doing an event like this before. Ariel at Rilakkuma Desu suggested that maybe they’re testing the waters for opening a new Rilakkuma Store there soon? We’ll see!

Rilakkuma x Yamanote - cushion

Choo choo!

Rilakkuma x Yamanote - XL plushies

Large plushies for this release!

Rilakkuma x Yamanote - toy train

Wow, a Rilakkuma toy train!

Rilakkuma x JR Yamanote Line

YAY I’m so glad San-X has decided to expand on this line – it’s one of my favorites! The collaboration between Rilakkuma and the JR Yamanote Line began in the summer, but I guess it was successful enough to merit an additional release of merchandise!

The train car cushion (3000 円) and the large stationmaster and fan plushies (5500 円 each) will be released on December 20 – they’ll also be available for purchase at the San-X Net Shop! In addition, they are also releasing little nameplate keychains, too. I already have the small Yamanote stationmaster and fan, but I might ask for the train car cushion as an early Christmas present hahaha

In addition, they’re also releasing a (non-plush) Rilakkuma x Yamanote toy train! They’ll be available at Rilakkuma Stores and department stores all over Japan for 2400 円 starting at the end of December. How cool! I usually only get the soft Rilakkuma products, but this is such a cute toy, and it even runs on toy train rails on battery!

Rilakkuma Recipe Book - pages

Some really beautiful dishes inside! These pages feature “Seafood Bowl”, “Rilakkuma-Spa Soup”, “Sweet Cupcake”, and “Ricotta Pancake”!

Recipe Book

Recently, there have been a few interesting minor releases here and there like the new exercise line with a Rilakkuma trampoline, a few Rilakkuma-themed pickles, and a potpourri of new kitchenware items like ginger graters, sausage picks, and ladle holders – but my favorite recent one is the new Rilakkuma cookbook!

Since I can’t read Japanese, the actual recipes would probably be of no use to me, but the photography and visuals are really quite inventive well done! It’s pretty cool because it seems like a lot of the recipes were inspired by existing Rilakkuma designs/plushies, like the cover! This cookbook sells for 1155円, and will be available starting December 13.

Really cute! Maybe I’ll try to pick one up if I end up at a Kinokuniya again :)

Year of the Horse - Rilakkuma Store XL plushies and coasters

Almost 2014!

Year of the Horse 2014 XL plushies

In addition to the regular individual plushies and the special Rilakkuma Store exclusive set, San-X will also be releasing their usual XL sitting versions of the individual plushies on January 2 in 2014 for 13800円 in Rilakkuma Stores as well as the Net Shop.

While I likely won’t be getting these XL plushies, I’m really quite partial to this series because horse is my zodiac sign, but also because the illustration with all 3 of them under the horse is just so cute and unique! I think San-X went in a really bizarre direction with it, but I think it paid off and I appreciate it a lot for the creativity! I’m expecting the set sometime soon, and I can’t wait!

In other news, both fortunately and unfortunately haha school has been picking up this week since we have a huge midterm next week that covers the past 10 weeks of anatomy/physiology/histology/embryology – our exam will last the entire day! Good news though, is that once it’s over, I have winter break with finally some time to relax with my Rilakkumas haha. I really felt like I’ve learned a lot this semester, and Rilakkuma has been with me the entire way!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday season!

1 year anniversary!

Hello! I’m so excited because today celebrates the 1 year anniversary of my first post on this blog!

Happy 1st Anniversary, Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

The Rilakkuma family in my apartment! (The rest are at my family’s house)


With the anniversary, it’s so wonderful to reflect on all the great things that have happened just over the past year! With a week’s head start to Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thanks for reading and following Rilakkuma Lifestyle; I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog, and I enjoy the community even more!

I feel like the international Rilakkuma community has grown stronger and tighter, and it’s really so inspiring to read everyone’s comments and blogs – you all really keep me going!

Keeping up with Rilakkuma together with everyone is really such an honor – I’ve made some wonderful friends and connections, and I’m so very grateful!

Here’s to another great year! <3

Much love,


ETA: San-X just announced that they will also be releasing a Rilakkuma Store Exclusive plushie for the Year of the Horse, in addition to their standard lineup! In addition, Rilakkuma Stores will also be selling an exclusive Rilakkuma lacquerware set!

Ariel from Rilakkuma Desu and I were just discussing the possibility of this the other day! It’s like our wishes came true! What a great anniversary gift hahaha